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Published on April 10th, 2013 | by Papa Bear


Pint Size Picks – Endless Runners

Endless runners have become a genre on its own. Many call these the ‘Temple Run clones’ as Temple Run was the first of these to really climb the charts and stay there. There are two main groups of endless runners. First there are the 3d runners where, like Temple Run, your character is running straight ahead in a straight line. The second main group are horizontal runners, with the most popular of this type, is likely Jetpack Joyride. Here is a list of great family friendly endless runner games.

3d Runners

Temple Run

temple run

With millions of downloads, multiple sequels and countless clones, Temple Run has established itself as a classic. With simple touch controls and tilting of the mobile device you try and stay alive by jumping, ducking and turning away from obstacles. Pick up coins and gems to purchase upgrades like speed increase, head starts and more. Temple Run has multiple sequels, so if you enjoyed the first one, be sure to check them out as well.

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Subway Surfers


Each endless runner game has a unique theme and Subway Surfers is no different. In this 3d runner, you take the role of a young teen vandalizing a subway bus with spray paint. You get caught by the inspector who starts to chase you as you run away. Run down the subway tracks avoiding moving subway cars, fences, posts and other obstacles. Climb ramps so you can run on top of the subway cars jumping from one to the other. Pick up coins along the way to use for upgrades and power ups. Hop on a hoverboard for some extra speed, put on boots to run faster, or even get a jetpack to fly past subway cars. Subway Surfers is a lot of fun and it will keep you going back for ‘one more run’.

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One Epic Knight

one epic knight ssOne Epic Knight is clearly a Temple Run knock-off, but it brings some new elements that make it feel fresh and it is a ton of fun. You play as a knight running through the dungeon, straight ahead, just like Temple Run. Swipe left, right, up or down to dodge obstacles or take turns. Pick up coins to buy power-ups and upgrades. So, far it sounds just like any other endless runner. But One Epic Knight has enemies and you need to pick up swords or shields to be able to fight them. This is not some challenging action rpg, but it is simple and fun. Being able to slice through a green slime cube will make any kid (big or little) smile! Coins allow you to upgrade your sword, shield and buy new armor.

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Agent Dash

agent dash ssWhere Temple Run is an endless runner with an Indiana Jones feel, Agent Dash is the Mission Impossible or James Bond endless runner. Using his secret agent skills, Agent Dash must sprint through amazing visuals, avoiding many traps, obstacles and enemies to infiltrate the enemy base. Plenty of spy gadgets like guns, jetpacks, and parachutes are at the ready for Agent Dash to use to help him complete his mission. Pick up diamonds along the way to purchase upgrades in the store. One of the best parts of the game is when Agent Dash destroys the enemy base and has to escape while the building is crumbling around him. This game has been around for a while but it is one of the classics!


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Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash ssThere have been many Sonic games on many devices over the years, and most of them are almost endless runner games themselves.  So, it should come as no surprise that Sega decided to merge Sonic with the gameplay of  true endless runners. Just like all the other games with this format, there are 3 paths that Sonic or his friends can take. As Sonic runs there are enemies and obstacles that require jumping or rolling up into the Sonic ball. Pick up rings to buy upgrades in the store to enhance speed provide magnets to pick up rings more easily and other. Just like previous Sonic games, holding onto rings allows you to be hit by an enemy or some obstacles once before dying. Getting hit causes you to lose all the rings collected to that point, but you get to keep playing. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is smooth and responsive. While Sonic Dash successfully emulates the games of this genre, there is nothing new and many of the other games are better.

Available at the iTunes Store


Horizontal Runners

Ski Safari

ski safari ss

This is a horizontal endless runner where you ski down the hill trying to stay ahead of the incoming avalanche. One fun thing about ski safari is that you can hop on and ride various animals (and even a snowmobile!). These give you extra speed and even allow you to get hit once, which is very helpful as Ski Safari is fast and crazy! Pick up coins to spend on various power up, outfits and new snowmobiles. There are also multiple hills which give some nice variety in the game as well. One of the most fun times in the game is playing on the North Pole level, dressing up as Santa, and riding his sleigh being pulled by reindeer. FUN!

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Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyrideJetpack Joyride is one crazy addictive game and easily one of the most popular endless runners around. Another horizontal runner, Jetpack Joyride has you trying to stay alive by using your jetpack to lift you over or stay under obstacles like electric currents, rockets and more. This is one of the simplest games to control because all you do it tap the screen. Press the screen to use your jetpack and go up, let go and you fall to the ground. That’s it! There are many power ups in the game like: riding a motorcycle, a robot bird or a dragon called Mr. Cuddles. Like other endless runners, there are plenty coins to be picked up which can be cashed in for different bonuses.

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madcoasterHave you ever been on a roller coaster and afraid that it is going to run wild? That, in essence, is madcoaster. You control a 5-car coaster that is riding on the track. Tap to jump to higher tracks or swipe down to drop to lower tracks. Fall off the track and you die. The graphics are nice and the backgrounds to each level look great. The game is fun but it does come across as a bit too simple and easy. A few more obstacles and power-ups would move Madcoaster into the stellar game group. It is addictive though, to collect lots of coins to buy new riders, like the alien, pumpkin and dino.

Available at the iTunes Store


Banana Kong

banana kong ssIf you ever wondered if gorillas liked bananas as much as monkeys, then you have never played Banana Kong. The hero of the game, let’s call him Kong, has collected so many bananas that the pile has started to fall creating a banana avalanche. You need to run and hop over obstacles to keep from being smothered by thousands of bananas – which is probably a combination of a dream and a nightmare for Kong. Ride toucans, boars and other animals to help as you try and stay ahead of the tumbling bananas. What is possibly the most bizarre part of this game is that while you are running away from the banana avalanche, you are picking up more bananas! These bananas are like coins in most other endless runners and they allow you to purchase power-ups for Kong.

Available at the iTunes Store


Run Sheldon!

runsheldon_2The newest endless runner at the time of posting this list, Run Sheldon turns the story of the Tortoise and the Hare into an endless runner. This time though, it is not a race and it is not one rabbit the turtle is running from. No, the whole Hare Gang is chasing Sheldon the tortoise and he needs to run for his life to stay away. Not only are they chasing him, but the rabbits are also obstacles on his path that he needs to avoid or even jump and land on to squash them. Just like all the other endless runners there are coins in Sheldons path that he can pick up to buy upgrades in the story. The cartoony graphics look great and the gameplay is very intuitive.

Available at the iTunes Store

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