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Published on April 26th, 2013 | by Papa Bear


Fearless Wheels Review

A game wins me over anytime it can throw me back to those days as a kid. My brother and I had an NES growing up and if you are a child of the 80s, you know exactly what NES means. That term refers to the very first Nintendo video game console – the Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the best games on this classic system was Excitebike. A launch title, Excitebike was released in 1985, alongside the first NES consoles in North America. I still remember those days playing that 2d motocross game. There was the perfect balance of difficulty; making jumps at the right speed and adjusting the angle of your bike as you land. The first time I played Fearless Wheels, a brand new game for the iPhone and iPad, it brought back all those awesome memories.

Fearless Wheels, by Fun Generation Lab, is a 2d motocross racing. Similar to Super Mario Bros. or Angry Birds, Fearless Wheels is a side profile game, where your racer moves along the track from left to right on the screen. There are plenty of jumps and rhythm sections that your racer has to navigate, all the while trying to both be as fast as possible and keep from crashing. Sometimes it is difficult to do both!

The controls are deceptively simple. With the right thumb there are two buttons – go and stop. The majority of the race, your right thumb will be pressed on the go. The left thumb also has two buttons – left arrow and right arrow. These buttons allow you to adjust the angle of the bike.  This is critical when landing the bike after a jump. Usually, it is best to land the bike at the same angle as the ground. Landing at a wrong angle can cause your bike to slow down, bounce, and possibly even crash. Mastering this is key to being successful in races, particularly later on.

Both obstacles and opportunities lie throughout the track and are shown through road signs. Some of the jumps/hills allow you to press the right arrow, causing a boost or nitro, which launches you even further into the air for extra speed. Throughout the track there are also little lips/ledges that you need to avoid, to keep from crashing. This is done by pressing the left arrow to lift up the front wheel. Avoiding these was probably one of the more frustrating parts of the game, because neglecting to lift the front wheel will surely cause you to crash. Throughout my play testing there was many a race spoiled by crashing into one of those lips causing me to move from 1st to 3rd or worse.

Races are divided into circuits, each with 9 regular tracks and one championship track. Advancing to the next track in the circuit is done by finishing 3rd or better in the previous. That is not too difficult, especially early on, but making it into the championship race in a circuit is far more difficult. To qualify for the championship, it is necessary to win 6 of any of the 9 regular circuit races.

You can collect winnings as well. The better you finish in a race, the more money you will earn. Also, doing flips during a race earns you money as well. Money can be used to upgrade your bike, improving landing, speed and recovery time from crashes. These upgrades are necessary if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Money can also be used to purchase new riders. The rooster is hilarious looking!

Fearless Wheels is a lot of fun, and there are plenty of circuits to play through. At the time of this review, there was an update which included 10 new tracks. That extends the life of an already great game, showing that Fun Generation Lab has not finished with Fearless Wheels yet. If you loved Excitebike, or your mom or dad did when they were kids, I encourage you to give Fearless Wheels a ride around the track.

Available at the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad


Fearless Wheels Review Papa Bear
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Summary: Similar to Excitebike, Fearless Wheels is an fun and addictive motocross racing game!


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